Lessons are taught twice a month to students three to five years old by the Director of Curriculum, April Steigerwald. Using the Illinois Early Learning Development Standards, lessons are created to help children grow socially and emotionally at an appropriate rate for their age level.

  • Labeling feelings
  • Recognizing when they are experiencing a feeling
  • What to do or how to react
  • Working as a team with other students
  • Following directions/listening to teachers
  • Making appropriate choices in the classroom

The Choices We Make

In class, we will also focus on the choices that students make. We have found that at an early age, students begin labeling each other as "good" or "bad," according to the choices they make. It is a goal of ours to make it very clear that there are no "bad" kids. Therefore, we refer to the choices we make as GREEN and RED choices, not good or bad. Below are some examples of choices we give the students in class.

Green Choices

  • Keep my hands and feet to myself
  • Clean up

Red Choices

  • Color the furniture
  • Make someone sad

Identifying the Problem and Using Coping Techniques

All classrooms at Little Jewels at the Preschool level or higher have a Calming Corner that is used. The area was introduced to the students after doing a study on the story, “Tucker Turtle.” In the story, Tucker Turtle introduces the strategies he uses when he gets upset. Click here to watch the YouTube video of the Tucker Turtle book.

Calming Center Items

  • A timer
  • A blanket
  • Fidget toys
  • A mirror
  • Tucker Turtle


15 June 2020
Social & Emotional Learning
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15 June 2020
Social & Emotional Learning
Today's Social Emotional Adventure Today we focused on teamwork. We talked about how most of the time, it is easier to work with a group of friends, or a 'team' than to work alone. We read the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and discussed how each o...