Parent Reviews

My daughter Sophia attends Little Jewels Learning Center and she has grown tremendously since you began attending. She's always singing various songs, recanting rhymes, and teaching me games that she's learned while attending. He's recognizing numbers, letters, in learning how to spell her name. I couldn't be prouder. Though it may cost a little more then surrounding daycares what she has received well supersedes the cost. She's growing everyday and that I feel can be attributed to little Jewels Learning Center.
– Ryan Hinshaw

This has been the absolute best daycare for my 2 children. They will go above and beyond what is expected out of a daycare, which means the world to me. All of the teachers and staff are angels! I’ve recommended this daycare to coworkers and will continue to do so.
– Brandi Amburn

This place has been wonderful for my boys. Our oldest has a speech motor disorder, and they have been so accommodating and have boosted his self-confidence greatly. Our youngest is adopted internationally and has gone through a lot transitioning to life in America. The staff has been so good about working with him and problem-solving with me. The teachers are compassionate and go the extra mile. They also offer fantastic curriculum and extra activities like gymnastics and music that are included with tuition. Sending my kids here is one of the best decisions we’ve made for them—worth every penny.
– Jamie Reed

I loved little jewels from the moment I walked in the building for my first tour...but most of I love that my son loves little jewels!! He loves his teachers and his friends in his class, he has learned sign language since he's been there and that is something I couldn't teach him.I plan on keeping my son and any future children there until they no longer need daycare.All the staff and teachers are so sweet :)
– Misty Ranger

We chose Little Jewels four years ago when we were expecting our first child.We fell in love with the family like atmosphere, the educational structure that started at the youngest of rooms and grew into school-like expectations in the older rooms as children get ready for Kindergarten and the idea of our child learning social skills in the cafeteria and in their rooms with peers of the same age group.We have fallen more in love with Little Jewels and the staff as the years have gone on and now have two children there.Children at Little Jewels learn through play and hands on materials, learn social skills by being with peers of similar age, and have caring and loving adults taking care of them.It is an incredible family to be apart of.
– Sarah Hull

My daughter has been attending Little Jewels for 3 years.She loves it! The teachers are great and really take the time to get to know your child.The staff is very helpful and friendly.Safety of your child is not taken lightly, doors are locked during day (have to be buzzed in) doors to each wing have combo locks to open.It makes me feel good that when I pick my child up and she says "mom wait I'm not finished, can I stay a little longer".If it's important to you for your child to spend the day some place safe, educational, and feel like family.Little Jewels is the right place for your family!
– Melissa Crutcher

The teachers are great. They care about your child. If there is ever a situation they will call right away so you're aware as to what is going on. Little Jewels teachers helped us to diagnose our daughters arthritis condition. I don't think the competitor provides the curriculum or health and wellness that Little Jewels provides. They prepare your child for elementary school.
– Elle & Justin Francois

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”  LJ has clean facilities; teachers whom are engaged; and have taken all of the necessary precautions to help keep our children safe and happy.  With my child at Little Jewels, I do not worry about him throughout the day, because I know he is in good and capable hands.  My child has been at Little Jewels since we relocated to Bloomington in 2010 when he was 3 years old.  The preschool program at Little Jewels more than prepared my son for Kindergarten.  Having a solid foundation on which to start has certainly benefited him not only academically, but on a social level as well.
– Betsy Wilkes

We highly recommend Little Jewels (Evergreen) to anyone who ask! The teachers and staff are extremely attentive and supportive of our growing littles, and they nurture them as their own. Little Jewels is not just a daycare center; it's more! The structure and curriculum provided is preparing my children for preschool and beyond. We are so thankful for finding Little Jewels!
– The Wielands

Little Jewels has been a great fit for our family for a number of reasons. The teachers and administrators are experienced, patient, flexible, and caring. Though our children are close in age, they each have their own unique personalities: one is more reserved, one is quite extroverted. Both of their personalities and learning styles are fostered and allowed to flourish. Another thing we love about Little Jewels is the variety in education and activities. Not only is an excellent classroom curriculum followed, but my girls have been exposed to and participated in so many additional opportunities - swimming lessons, gymnastics, music class, guest speakers, field trips, sign language, and learning Spanish to name a few. It's fun to see our daughters absorbing so much information; like the day our then two-year old sang a song in Spanish to us or the time our then three-year old talked about something being a rhombus!

We also appreciate the "extras" at Little Jewels. They use a mobile app to provide updates and photos throughout the day; each Friday fresh cookies are available for families on their way out; parents were celebrated and treated to complimentary meals on Mother's Day and Father's Day; and each child receives vacation days that can be used together or split up for family vacations, sick days, etc. We are confident our children are loved and learning each day and they will be fully prepared for kindergarten thanks to Little Jewels!
– Jason and Jamie Wood

We have really enjoyed our short time at Little Jewels. If I had tried your facility sooner I probably would have felt comfortable going back to work and enrolled both girls! Her teachers have been great, I love that Nora comes home with fixed up hair and is as clean as when I dropped her off. Seriously, how do they keep her so clean? Best of all Nora was always excited to go to "school".

As a stay at home mom I know their job is no easy task. The great care they provided is much appreciated.
– Angela McCrary

I just wanted to reach out and tell you how great everyone is. Whitney, Chelsea, Katie, and Caroline are fantastic just to name a few!! It’s a great feeling to know that Maxwell gets to spend his day around such caring people!! I’m so happy to be part of the little jewels family  it has been such a great experience for my family.
Thank you
– Katie Myers