Three-Year-Old Curriculum

Beginning with the Pre 3 level the curriculum becomes more involved, as the last two years before kindergarten are used to prepare them for their elementary years. The teachers work closely with the Illinois Early Learning Standards for 3 to 5 years of age.  Standards that are focused on during the week will also be listed with the lesson plans for parents to view. Starting at this age the teachers have more guidelines that are required that will be used in the room on a weekly basis. Topics that are required to be present in the curriculum include: 

  • letter and number recognition
  • focus on pre-writing skills using the Path of Movement writing system for numbers and letters.
  • writing of the student’s name
  • phonetic activities
  • simple math concepts (number recognition, beginning patterns, graphing, etc.….)
  • simple science concepts (experiments, making predictions, etc.…)
  • exploration of social emotional activities
  • exposure to computers and how they navigate


 All students receive Music class once a week through an outside company “Developing Melodies”, as well as, gymnastics through “The Jump Spot”.