Our Facility & Classrooms

Little Jewels Learning Center is designed to be a fun place! Our environment incorporates a love of children and positive energy. The space and state-of-the-art equipment invite children to learn and play.

The main entrance to Little Jewels Learning Center provides both easy access and the security of an electronic lock system. Entry to the Center is only permitted upon visual identification and greeting by the Executive Administrator. A welcome center, small conference area and library, as well as a large, built-in aquarium are all incorporated in this space.

All visitors will be required to register and wear ID badges, and will be escorted to other areas in the Center.

Classrooms < See the side navigation for each room's pictures
Classrooms are accented with specific colors, and each room is identified with a creature so children will recognize their classroom. The walls also feature space to post art and projects created by the children. Each classroom includes a child-size water fountain, sink and toilet, as well as exterior windows that provide plenty of natural light. Glassed-in windows in the common wall of each classroom allow children and teachers to view activity in the other rooms. Each exterior door is equipped with a coded security outside lock.

Enclosed Play Areas
Children at the Center will enjoy the colorful equipment designed to encourage the development of large motor skills and fun! A large grassy playing field is located to the west of the building.

The west side of the facility features a wonderful water park for the children to play in, a great bike path to ride bikes on and, an enclosed patio that will allow the younger children to be taken outside when the weather permits.

Baker (Husky) Room
The Baker Room is the center's all purpose room. In the wintertime the Baker Room becomes a gym for the children. When we have featured artists, it becomes a performing arts center.

The Commons area will provide space for Center activities and family-style meals served to the toddlers and older children each day.

Stainless steel fixtures, and state-of-the-art food preparation and storage equipment, ensure safe, efficient meal and snack service.

Restrooms and Laundry Facility
The Center includes 5 restrooms, including one equipped with a tub/shower for emergency clean up. In-house laundry equipment allows the Center to provide clean blankets, sheets and baby items for the children.