Employee of the Quarter

Ms. Brenda


Ms. Brenda was awarded Employee of the Quarter for August-October! Ms. Brenda has been with Little Jewels in our Dolphin classroom since February. She is always on time, flexible, and willing to work in any room as needed! She always has a smile on her face and is so wonderful to be around. She is so helpful to all staff and children, and has formed fantastic relationships with our LJLC families. Ms. Brenda has a warm personality, a positive attuide, and has so much patience working with her preschoolers. She's very helpful when it comes to training new employees as well. She is a great example of what all employees should be! We love Ms. Brenda!




Employee of the Year 2017!


Ms. DeNysha

Ms.DeNysha has been with Little Jewels for almost 2 years! She's worked in every room at the center, but is happy to be settled down as the lead in the Turtle room. She currently attends Heartland Community College. DeNysha is always willing to help out wherever needed and is always in an upbeat, positive mood. She makes everyone at work laugh and can make anyone smile. She has really stepped up and showed respect for all. Every child throughout the center loves Ms.DeNysha. She is an amazing coworker, employee, teacher, and friend. We are so lucky to have Ms. DeNysha!

Little Jewels Way Award 2018!

Ms. Brooke


This year we are happy to announce that Brooke Ghere from the Oakland center is our Little Jewels Way award recipient for 2018. Brooke was chosen from all 3 centers to receive this award. Congratulations Brooke!

Ms. Brooke has been with Little Jewels for 5 years and has truly lived up to the Little Jewels Way. Brooke is the lead teacher in the Lion (toddler) room. Her calm disposition and gentle approach are just what is required in this busy room. She never raises her voice and manages her room with ease. Brooke’s flexibility and willingness to adapt to her family’s requests, kid’s schedules, and busy toddlers with a smile on her face is remarkable. She never seems stressed, that’s saying a lot in a toddler room!

She has a loving relationship with every child she cares for.  Her attitude of care, compassion and dedication are the foundation of our culture at Little Jewels.

Congratulations Brooke! You truly live “The Little Jewels Way”!