Parent Testimonials

I loved little jewels from the moment I walked in the building for my first tour...but most of I love that my son loves little jewels!!He loves his teachers and his friends in his class, he has learned sign language since he's been there and that is something I couldn't teach him.I plan on keeping my son and any future children there until they no longer need daycare.All the staff and teachers are so sweet :)Misty Ranger

We chose Little Jewels four years ago when we were expecting our first child.We fell in love with the family like atmosphere, the educational structure that started at the youngest of rooms and grew into school-like expectations in the older rooms as children get ready for Kindergarten and the idea of our child learning social skills in the cafeteria and in their rooms with peers of the same age group.We have fallen more in love with Little Jewels and the staff as the years have gone on and now have two children there.Children at Little Jewels learn through play and hands on materials, learn social skills by being with peers of similar age, and have caring and loving adults taking care of them.It is an incredible family to be apart of.

Sarah Hull


My daughter has been attending Little Jewels for 3 years.She loves it!The teachers are great and really take the time to get to know your child.The staff is very helpful and friendly.Safety of your child is not taken lightly, doors are locked during day (have to be buzzed in) doors to each wing have combo locks to open.It makes me feel good that when I pick my child up and she says "mom wait I'm not finished, can I stay a little longer".If it's important to you for your child to spend the day some place safe, educational, and feel like family.Little Jewels is the right place for your family!

Melissa Crutcher