Employee of the YEAR 2018!

Ms. Whitney

Whitney has been part of our team now for 4 years and is the lead teacher in the Frog (Infant 2) room. Whitney was commended by her peers for doing a super job with the babies. It was noted that the families love her and her classroom runs smoothly. You can always find Whitney at Little Jewels events. She is positive and easy to work with. Whitney can been seen on the babies level playing and interacting with them- making great connections. She is on time, friendly to the kids, parents, and other co-workers.

Thank you Whitney!


Employee of the Quarter

Ms. Maggie O.

Maggie is always to happy to see all of the children and their parents. She is happy to talk to the parents and has created a personal relationship with many of them. She is also so great with the kids in any room she goes into. The kids love her and they show it. She is always kind and warm towards all of the children, but all of the kids respect her as a teacher to and listen to her. She is also willing to help out in any room that needs help without complaining. She is always cheerful and happy to help when and where ever she is needed! 


Always smiling & greeting parents, children & other staff. 

Little Jewels Way Award 2018!

Ms. Brooke


This year we are happy to announce that Brooke Ghere from the Oakland center is our Little Jewels Way award recipient for 2018. Brooke was chosen from all 3 centers to receive this award. Congratulations Brooke!

Ms. Brooke has been with Little Jewels for 5 years and has truly lived up to the Little Jewels Way. Brooke is the lead teacher in the Lion (toddler) room. Her calm disposition and gentle approach are just what is required in this busy room. She never raises her voice and manages her room with ease. Brooke’s flexibility and willingness to adapt to her family’s requests, kid’s schedules, and busy toddlers with a smile on her face is remarkable. She never seems stressed, that’s saying a lot in a toddler room!

She has a loving relationship with every child she cares for.  Her attitude of care, compassion and dedication are the foundation of our culture at Little Jewels.

Congratulations Brooke! You truly live “The Little Jewels Way”!